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Welcome to Purrrfect Paws | Pet Grooming | Windsor, CO

Where Your Pet’s Health is #1

Because this is Where Your Pet’s Health is #1, we require proof of vaccinations (Dogs - Rabies, Distemper Parvo Combo, Kennel Cough.  Cats - Rabies, Feline Distemper Rhinotracheitis Combo,   Leukemia or Recent Negative Leukemia Test).  Also, we believe in using the least amount of restraint necessary for each individual pet.  We utilize tethers, leashes, and muzzles when required, as well as aerosolized calming agents.  However, if at our discretion, the grooming process becomes too dangerous for your pet and/or our groomer, we will recommend splitting the appointment into two or more appointments or ask to have your veterinarian provide sedation  or deny your request for services.


We have a Colorado Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), Eika Haas, on staff to ensure your pet has a safe and healthy grooming experience.  Eika has been grooming professionally since 2003 and comes to us with an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology from Eastern Wyoming College (‘94), a B.A. in Marketing Management from the University of New Mexico (‘01), and a Certificate in Professional Pet Grooming from Classy Pet Grooming School (‘03) and earned the title Certified MASTER Groomer from the National Dog Groomer's Association of America ('09).  Her background in veterinary medicine covers many areas within the industry.  In addition, she actively participates in continuing education for CVTs and for Professional Pet Groomers. She has also Fear Free Certified Professional Level 2.

 What We Need To Know To Provide the Best Service ​​


Just like us, individual pets differ from each other, even if they are from the same litter.  For example, this difference can present itself as one dog having sensitivity to a shampoo that his/her sibling does not.  We need to know if your pet develops any symptoms of sensitivity so we can use a different process or product in the future.  Also, we need to know if there are any disease or behaviour conditions that effect how we groom your pet.
Our goal is to meet your expectations regarding style, cut, or customer service.  We will fulfill your requests as best as we can.  If we left your pet’s coat too short, too long, or we didn't interpret your request correctly please let us know so we can make these adjustments in the future.  If, within 3 days, you find something you don’t like or that needs a little adjustment and its within our ability (we can’t put hair back on), we are more than willing to fix it free of charge.