Additional Fees

Extra Effort Above & Beyond Normal $35.00

Includes,  but is not limited to:  extra time & effort required to handle a pet due to infirmity, senility,  or behavioral issues;  excessive defecation or urination requiring disinfecting and cleanup after each  incident.

Late Fee $15.00

Per every 15 minutes. 
Arriving  late causes us to get behind and  inconveniences all other clients ahead of you because their appointment becomes delayed, ensuing a snowball effect of further delays as the day  goes on. 

No  Show Fee $50.00

Per  incident.  Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be considered a NO SHOW - i.e. emailing, texting, or calling  to cancel the night before or the morning of your pet's appointment is NOT acceptable. If you haven't shown up within 1/2 hour of your scheduled appointment, we will consider you a NO SHOW as the length of time to get your pet done is gone and you will be assessed a $50 fee on top of your next grooming appointment.   If you miss two scheduled appointments we will cancel any future appointments so that waitlisted clients may be served.  If you wish to get back on a regular schedule, you will need to pay in advance with cash any no show fees due and the fee for your pet's next grooming - your previously scheduled appointments will not exist & new ones will have to be created. 

When you don't show it puts an undue hardship on your groomer's time, expected income, and it prevents us from reallocating our time to other areas of our business.  It also makes it difficult for those on the cancellation list, who have been waiting for several weeks to get an appointment, to take advantage of an opening without reasonable notice.

Non-Sufficient Fund Check Fee    $36.00

This covers the fee assessed us from our bank rejecting your check due to insufficient funds, as well as the fee from us for not receiving payment in a timely manner for services rendered.​​

Debit or Credit Card Use Fee

3% Payment by Credit/Debit Card - if have to key in by hand/over phone rate is 3.75% +.15 cents.